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Vitro – The Professionals’ Coffee machine

The comprehensive menu ensures that all location’s tastes are catered for. With a choice of soluble coffees and Hot Chocolate to Espresso based drinks ground fresh from the bean, with the option of Fresh leaf tea or fresh milk.

Quality and consistency are ensured from the Vitro again and again


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Vitro S range

The Vitro S3 series are fast and comprehends an ample variety of coffee brewing technologies.

The Vitro S3 instant is a quick and compact soluble machine which features two coffees, chocolate and milk as standard with the ability to substitute sugar or other soluble products. See details

The Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea incorporates a paperless fresh leaf tea brewing system which takes freshly prepared leaf tea based drinks to the Vitro menu. See details

The Vitro S3 Bean to Cup offers a combination of freshly ground and brewed bean coffee with chocolate and milk.

The Vitro S4 Series incorporates large capacity cannisters and are meant for quick and continuous service. Additionally a 10′ screen can be installed as a machine option for promotion or allergen/nutritional information display.

The Vitro S4 instant is ideal for those locations where capacity is critical, it has the same configuration as the Vitro S3 instant with an additional 30% volume. The machine has a large capacity boiler too for continuous supply and is prepared for Jug serving. See details

The Vitro S4 Fresh Brew Tea capacity is similar to the one found in free standing machines. This quick service machine is capable to produce a freshly brewed tea in 20 seconds. See details

The Vitro S5 offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 differentiates from the rest of the machines due to its 12 selection buttons and its integrated cup holder.

This machine is recommended on unattended locations thanks to its high capacity and secured tray.




The Vitro M range is the golden machine. The range has been developed to please consumer needs and to deliver a sensory experience. The elegant design of Vitro and its intelligent lighting system are a joy for the sight, the smooth and cold feeling of the glass when selecting the drink delights the touch, the the coffee grinder when running evokes the sounds of any coffee shop. To fully complete the experience the taste and smell are indulged with the freshly prepared fresh milk and espresso based drinks.


The Vitro M3 offer has a comprehensive menu of espresso and fresh milk based coffees from velvety Cappuccinos to layered Latte Macchiatos and even hot chocolates. Fresh milk is the perfect combination for those who love coffee but want to indulge with sweet, warm milk.

The Fresh Milk technology assures that the proper milk consistency is reached in all the recipes with a single touch.



The Vitro X3 brews with 9bar pressure the recently ground coffee which allows to offer your customers genuine espresso coffee based drinks.

The Vitro X3 Espresso incorporates high pressure espresso technology providing authentic Italian style beverages. The machine attract customers attention and enhance the user experience at every service.

The Vitro X3 Espresso duo incorporates high pressure espresso technology and a fresh leaf tea brewing system. A complete menu of coffee shop style drinks are available among with freshly brewed tea.

The Vitro X4 Espresso includes everything you would find from in the Vitro X3 Espresso, genuine espresso coffee based coffee menu, with a Free Standing machine capacity and option of incorporating an attractive Media Screen.

The Vitro X4 Espresso duo provides genuine high pressure espresso coffee, fresh leaf tea, chocolate & milk based drinks. The machine has a large product capacity and includes as an option a Media Screen.