N&W Tango

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Passion for variety

Necta’s passion for smart vending solutions has led to the development of TANGO, the Snack and Food vendor, which will charm you with its flexible allure. Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, cans or bottles - or a combination of all four. Simple design and excellent performance combined in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations. Moreover the ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) offers additional benefits in functionality, in communication and in the ease and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.

The best offer yet


  • Flexible layout that can offer snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles
  • Optimal visibility of the offered items
  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption
  • Excellent capacity/size ratio

      Design and user interface


      • Simple and elegant design in line with Opera and Festival Classic
      • LED internal cabinet lighting
      • Capacitive 'Touch Sensitive' blue LED backlit keypad
      • Pull out delivery bin
      • Rolling price display

        Electronics and Maintenance


          • Large graphical display 188 x 64 pixel
          • Developed on the updated N&W electronic platform with 16 bits electronic with 4 MB flash memory
          • Easy management of the machine set up through GIGA


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