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b2 An established classic

B2 Black water cooler in position
The strength of this range lies in its reliability and simplistic design. The b2 is our well-established classic with a robust, stylish and timeless execution.


Silver B2 Water coolerWhite B2 Water coolerBlack B2 water cooler
Key Features:
Simple to use and easy to maintain
Robust build construction
Floorstanding or countertop
Available in direct chill or reservoir
Chilled, ambient and hot
Water Options:
Hot, Ambient and Chilled 
Recommended Enviroment:
Office, Hospitality, Industrial, Education, Leisure and Healthcare 
Number of Users:
1-5   6-10   11-25
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Floorstanding 325x380x1060mm
Countertop 325x380x475mm
Dispense height  185mm

What is Direct Chill?

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