Healthy Vending

It's that time of year; summer holidays are on the horizon and everyone is tightening up their diets for the beach! Healthier items are often requested during the summer and new year so we like to accommodate healthy food and drink selections all year round. If your looking to swap your favourite chocolate bar, sweets or crisps for a healthier alternative from time to time then we have it covered.

So what healthy vending items do we offer?


Protein bars - grenade, optimum nutrition,

Eat Natural - fruit & nut bars

Belvita breakfast bars



Grenade protein shake

Huel - meal replacement shakes

Nocco- Carb free energy drink

Weetabix shake

Vit-Hit Tea

Bottled Water 

Fresh Juice - Orange, Apple

Fresh Food Machine Options

Nomadic Yogurts

Fresh Fruit

Selection of Sandwiches 


The above is our current selection of healthier products, we're constantly keeping an eye on new products which maybe of interest for our customers! 

Also offering a good variety of healthy vending options makes sure we have food & drink for everyone regardless of their dietary goals & needs!