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Here at Venda Valet, there are a number of different methods in which we operate. We provide fully tailored packages to suit your requirements. We offer Leasing, Outright Purchasing & Rental, with the aim being to make it as cost effective for yourselves as possible.


Venda Valet offer flexible lease durations which range anywhere between 12 Months – 5 Years.

Prices can start from little as £15 per week for Drinks & Snacks Vending Machines and £5 per week for our Water Dispensers.


When Leasing our machines we take care of any necessary servicing, repairs or maintenance free of charge. This enables you to solely take care of the profits. We can also handle the stock of your machine, unless you want to stock the machines with your own products & prices.


A one off payment alternative to leasing is purchasing, customers can save on the overall cost of a machine by paying the full amount and also taking ownership rights to the machine. We can offer new machines or cheaper refurbished alternatives. When purchasing a machine the business would be liable to servicing, repairs or maintenance costs, we can provide these services at a cost.

Free to Loan

 We also can facilitate free to loan deals for larger companies with larger amount of staff and with higher demands of machines.


We service sites with as little as 20 staff and in excess of 1000+

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