Ways To Purchase

Vending & Coffee Machines Leasing


Here at Venda Valet the majority of our customers opt to lease our products. Depending on your companies wants & needs, we can offer flexible packages which are suited for your business.


Why is Leasing our most popular vending solution? Some of the advantages...


  • Provides fantastic tax advantages, payments are tax deductible unlike using cash.

  • Structured lease payments which are suited to your needs and allowances

  • Keeps cash flow within the business rather than paying a lump sum for a depreciating asset

  • Businesses keep up with the latest technology with the ability to upgrade at any time throughout the lease period


Venda Valet offer flexible lease durations which range anywhere between 6 Months – 6 Years.

Prices can start from little as £15 per week for Drinks & Snacks Vending Machines and £5 per week for our Water Dispensers.


When Leasing our machines we take care of any necessary servicing, repairs or maintenance free of charge. This enables you to solely take care of the profits. We can also handle the stock of your machine, unless you want to stock the machines with your own products & prices.




We also can facilitate free to loan deals for larger companies with larger amount of staff and with higher demands of machines.