Water Coolers

Provide clean filtered & chilled 

water for your workplace 


Provide clean filtered & chilled water

for your workplace 

Our Range of Water Coolers

Stand Up Water Cooler
Borg & Overström E4

Powerful and efficient 

Table Top Water Cooler
Borg & Overström E6

Eco-friendly technology

Hygienic Water Dispensor
Borg & Overström E7

integrated drip tray 

Our Range of Water Coolers

Borg & Overstrum B3

Ultra-hygienic touch panel

Borg & Overstrum B4

largest dispense area for bottles

Borg & Overstrom B5

high end functionality stunning design

The Benefits of Water Coolers

We have the right water coolers

 for any work place 

Hydrate your staff with instantly chilled water

Having water cooler facilities within your work place brings a lot of advantages and can only benefit both your staff or any visitors. The first obvious advantage is that every within the workplace has filtered, chilled water available instantly, this encourages everyone to drink more water and therefore hydrate themselves. With your workforce hydrated, staff will perform optimally as they will naturally have increased energy and brain function.

Studies have shown that our brains are effected heavily by our hydration status. Mild dehydration can negatively effect many aspects of brain function. Many other studies, with subjects ranging from children to older adults, have shown that mild dehydration can impair mood, memory, and brain performance.

Whats the difference between tap & filtered water?

Drinking tap water is safe in the UK, however is off putting for many people due to the taste & smell of chlorine. Filtered water tastes much fresher and purer, as water filtration removes the chlorine and bacteria.

Using filtered water coolers provides water at an optimal chilled temperature instantly, when using tap water you have to wait longer and the water will not run as cold as water coolers.

While cloudy water isn't necessarily dangerous to your health, it could be an indication of unsafe pathogens or chemicals and should be avoided. Tap water runs cloudy water when the tap is first ran but in most cases does clear up the longer the tap is ran. Filtered water runs crystal clear and doesn’t run cloudy.

We service sites with as little as 20 staff and in excess of 1000+

We have the right water coolers for any work place 

water coolers manchester

Join a well respected 

vendor you can trust

Join a well respected vendor you can trust

Join a well respected vendor you can trust

Keep your staff Hydrated & Productive

Along with full snack machines we at Venda Valet can also supply cold drinks machines, be it cans or bottles or a mixture. Productive workplaces need a great selection of refreshments and we at Venda Valet are here to help. 

When your staff need that thirst-quenching cold drink, we can offer the perfect can or bottle machine to deliver it conveniently and perfectly chilled. We offer a wide selection of machines to cater for your size and requirements. 

We will fill the bottle & can machines with the most popular products on the market from all the market leaders and can customise the choice to suit your particular requirements be it good old fashioned coca cola, a refreshing healthy flavoured water or the latest energy drink or high protein drink. If there’s anything more bespoke you require, just ask. We can offer your staff & customers a great convenient selection, chilled and ready to go. 

If you don’t quite have the space or the demand for a Snack machine and a Cold Drinks machine, why not combine the 2 with a fantastic “combi” style machine. These machines can offer the perfect solution as a one stop shop for both your snack and cold drinks needs. 

Stocked with the same great products, catering to your essential refuelling requirements, Venda Valet can make sure your staff and customers have that much needed opportunity to.

       You can say goodbye to rummaging around for grubby coins, with our contactless ready machines. 

office water machines

Right machines 

for your needs

Flexible Financial Packages

Flexible agreements 

tailored or your Business

water cooler supplier Liverpool

Stocked, cleaned & 

maintained regularly 

service water coolers

 Expert engineers 

rapid response

Areas We Serve

We are one of the leading vending machine suppliers in the 

North West & serve businesses throughout 

Manchester, Liverpool, Oldham, Bury, Stockport, Huddersfield

Bolton, Burnley, Leeds, Bradford, Blackburn

Preston, Rochdale & throughout the North West


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