The Future of Vending - Contactless & Cashless

Will the coronavirus pandemic trigger the start of a cashless society? Over the years speculation of the UK inevitably becoming a cashless society has grown. In recent times those rumours have intensified as COVID-19 has added further incentive to ditch cash,  which would help reduce the spread of the virus. 


The pandemic has forced people around the UK & worldwide to pay further attention to hand hygiene & the surfaces we touch. These kinds of precautions have led to people being increasingly wary of using cash, which harbour several germs due to the sheer amount of hand to hand exchanges made with currency notes & coins. In recent news, statistics verified peoples cash fears with Mastercard reporting a 136% increase in contactless transactions in the US during the pandemic. 


 hygiene safe vending machines


What does this mean for the vending industry? Contactless methods of paying for Vending Machines snacks & drinks are now a necessity, especially during the recent turn in circumstances the pandemic has brought. Here at Venda Valet our vending machines facilitate contactless payments, which provides a safer & quicker payment method for consumers. We also offer additional solutions such as 'distance selection', which enables consumers to use our machines without touching a screen.


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