Types of Vending Machines

When it comes to picking the right vending machine, it simply comes down to understanding the types of vending machines available and deciding which ones are best suited for your business. Things to consider are the number of your staff/customers and offering food and drinks best suited to their wants and needs. At Venda Valet we offer a wide variety of machines from little too large to fit into most spaces and facilitate for up to 100 or 1000s of people. Our variety of machines offer snacks, cold drinks, Hot drinks,  sandwiches and meals, water and even frozen slush beverages! As a gesture of good will we’ve decided to breakdown the different types of vending machines available and list scenarios in which they might be viable for your business. 


Snack & Bottle Combi Vending Machines


  • These type of machines offer a combination of crisp, chocolates and sweets with also a smaller selection of cold drink can and bottles.
  • Great machine to offer a variety of food and small selection of drinks, ideal for smaller size businesses with less demand than larger businesses.
  • Offering food AND drink in one machine suits smaller businesses or spaces as you wouldn’t need two machines to facilitate food and drinks.
  • Won’t be as well suited for higher numbers of staff/customers with a demand for cold drinks as they tend to sell out quickly, a can and bottle machine or additional snack & can would be recommended.


Can and Bottle Vending Machines


  • Offer a much wider variety of can bottles and beverages helping there be a drink suitable for everyone. For example instead having a smaller selection and only having best selling fizzy drinks you can offer people a variety of fresh fruit juices, bottled waters and healthier solutions. 
  • Can store a larger volume of drinks suitable with the bigger demands of medium to large sized businesses.
  • Gives staff, visitors and customers hydrated, on-site and gives a much needed energy boost!


Fresh Food Machines


  • An alternative to crisps and chocolate - Offer sandwiches, wraps, fruit, cakes, yogurts etc. 
  • Ideal keeping staff on-site
  • Perfect for sites with a lack of cafe & shops nearby


Coffee Vending Machines


  • Free standing coffee machine which is a similar size to a typical vending machine, these types of machines deal with higher volumes of drinks and suit all business sizes.
  • Offers alternative options such as tea, hot chocolate and soup.
  • Fresh coffee bean to cup or coffee granule available.


Table Top Coffee Machines


  • More practical for smaller spaces such as kitchens, board rooms, show rooms & receptions.
  • Size doesn’t compromise with the quality of coffee available from table top solutions
  • Perfect to offer clients, customers and visitors great hospitality within your business. 
  • Ideal for spaces with smaller demands of drinks.
  •  Bean to cup and fresh milk beverages 


Traditional Coffee Machines


  • Professional equipment providing the best tasting coffee
  • Brings high street barista coffee to the work place
  • Great for providing 1st class hospitality for high valued clients.
  • seek advice from a qualified barista unless you or your staff already have good experience operating them or a barista on site
  • Little maintenance is needed for the machine as long as the steam wands are clean and components are soaked at the end of the day



Slush Machines 


Versatile slush machines that provide customers with refreshing chilled beverages such as slushes, milkshakes frozen coffees & cocktails

Single-Triple barrel machines make up to 3 different flavoured slushes at once.


Water Coolers


Provide clean filtered & chilled water for your workplace, Borg & Overström B5 offer sparkling water also with a touch of a button.

Filtered water coolers or taps with an option for sparkling water on our 

The first obvious advantage is that every within the workplace has filtered, chilled water available instantly, this encourages everyone to drink more water and therefore hydrate themselves