Where can I put a vending machine UK

Where is the best place to put a vending machine? Which sectors of business use vending machines the most? Today we'll be covering a common question we've been asked throughout the years to help you get the most out of your vending machine! 


Best Sectors of business to place a Vending Machine


Leisure Centres 

Vending Machines over the years have been ever present at most gyms and leisure centres, the demand for sports drinks, caffeine and snacks before and after workouts and activities make vending machines very popular in these environments.



Vending machines being ready for use 24 hours of the day is a massive benefit for hospitals as Its flexible to the demands of visitors and staff around the clock. Instant food and drink also aligns with the fast paced environment making vending machines thrive in any hospital environment. 


Offices and Factories

These are popular locations for most of our clients vending machines. Offering snacks, drinks and even meals through our vending machines helps keep staff on site and increase productivity. Facilitating food and drink for staff or clients is also a benefit and helps improve the workplace environment.


Retail Stores

mostly used and appreciated by staff more so than customers as vending machines are extremely helpful for busy staff to grab a quick drink or snack while working in a fast paced environment where breaks can be shorter.


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