Vending Winter Bestsellers

Now that winter is well and truly upon us,  we'll now take a look at our most popular products which ramp up in demand during the cooler temperatures.


Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate 

No surprises here, our hot drinks machines never disappoint during the winter period. With the days being darker and cooler the need for energy boosting coffee or a hot drink to warm the cockles.


Energy Drinks

Commuting to and from work in the dark can be quite tiring, only in the winter can 6pm feel like bed time. Here at Venda Valet we stock our machines with a variety of Monsters, Red Bulls and Lucozades which are popular beverages during the winter.


Hot Food

Have you noticed the theme here? the majority of our products are warm for obvious reasons... because it's freezing! Our fresh food machines stock up piping hot pies and sausage rolls which go down a treat, especially during winter.


The majority of the products mentioned are best sellers all year round, however the demand for them ramps up over Christmas for obvious reasons. Keep an eye out for our summer best sellers once the festive season is behind us!