Coffetek Zen

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Small and attractive mini coffee shop

Designed to suit any environment, Zen is a compact 480x590mm footprint finished in stunning ebony gloss. The In-touch selection system provides an  icon driven user interface, akin to many consumers electronic devices. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The front panel is easy to customise and brand.


Zen's I-Detect system will ensure that a cup is dispensed every time or and would allow you to place your own cup. The In-Touch user interface incorporates a patented selection system akin to many electronic consumer devices.

 Going Green

During inactivity periods Zen will lower the boiler temperature to reduce the power consumption. It is also possible to set a complete shut down for a given time period, reducing energy consumption up to 35%.
LED lighting further reduces energy consumption and the brewing system does not produce paper waste.The Cup sensor allows use of your own cup reducing plastic and paper cup usage too.

Zen is rated with an A+ ENERGY CREDENTIAL

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