Rheavendors Cino eC

Energy consumption

Several energy saving features are implemented in Cino eC and the most noticeably are:Programmable switching on/off times, to keep the machine in a stand-by temperature when inactive;  Use of low voltage LED’s minimise power consumption.Cino eC total energy consumption is registered, starting from the first service.

Rheavendors Cino eC

A professional machine, smart and eye-catching, with high attention to details. The door is equipped with a backlit panel; a LED bar lights the drink dispensing cycle and enlivens the dispensing area. Cino eC is available in white or black colour. 

User friendly

Simple accessibility to the main internal parts, for an easy maintenance. Cino eC is available both in stand alone version (external side module or in-built water tank) and with connection to water mains. A flap folding located on top of the lid machine facilitates the water supply. Hygiene program for the automatic washing of mixers and boiler.



The espresso version accommodates 2 product canisters with a mixing bowl, plus a coffee bean canister for Italian espresso. The instant version, offers up to 5 product canisters and 3 mixing bowls. For both versions an innovative programming feature allows you to alter mixing speeds to adjust the density of drinks. In addition, your private coffee option offers to the customer the possibility to use a single-dose of ground coffee, through a flap on top of the machine.