Rheavendors Cino xs Grande

cino xs grande offers…

2 varieties of coffee: the classic coffee bean for Espresso based drinks; mild and aromatic (maybe from Fair Trade) to taste a milky coffee or a MoccaCino®; and a smart mix of both types to create exclusive recipes. Like in a coffee shop!

2 brewing systems: Espresso with coffee beans freshly ground for a creamy espresso coffee; Instant, mix of instant coffee and other instant products in 12-15 seconds, to create a typical Italian cappuccino or a dense and creamy chocolate.

2 drink sizes: the traditional cappuccino in small cups, or the option to create larger to go drinks?

Special Features

  • EASY USE: a functional area on the top of the machine (with a rail option) for cups storage. A practical drop-leaf on the top of the cover for an easy water filling. Water level floating.
• OPERATIONAL: the cup station can be easily removed and disassembled to ensure full and easy cleaning.
• HANDFILL OPTION: a 3,5 l water tank means that the cino xs grande can be used without the need for a mains water supply.
• ESPRESSO GRINDING: to ensure fresh drinks without losing the aroma.
• ILLUMINATED DELIVERY AREA: whilst dispensing a light is illuminated in the dispense area to keep user aware of progress.
• ILLUMINATED SELECTION BUTTONS: Selection buttons’ LEDs light up when a product is finished.
• SIMPLE USER INTERFACE: through clear digital messages.