Height: 1700 mm  

Width : 717 mm
Depth: 815 mm
Weight: 200 kg ca.
Power Supply Voltage: 230 V
Power Supply Frequency: 50 HZ


Together with Twist, Vivace is one of the most interesting novelties for the six spirals segment in terms of energy efficiency and performance..

The new model Vivace represents a great evolution dedicated to the small and medium locations, offering technological solutions typical of the high-end products of our range.

Energy efficiency, dark grey uncluttered design and advanced performance: these are the strengths of this new model. Let’s look at them specifically.

The best in class energy efficiency

Vivace, as all the newest models of the Impulse range, features many environmental friendly features such as:

a compressor and evaporator with compact dimensions, which allow to reduce the pull down time inside the cell, -30% compared to other Necta models

the extremely efficient foaming insulation of the cabinet, which avoids any thermal bridge from the cell to the outside

Up to -70% energy consumption compared with older Impulse models


Height: 103mm
Width : 735mm
Depth: 855mm
Weight: 225kg
Power Supply Voltage: 230V
Power Supply Frequency: 50 HZ

  • Uncluttered silver/black design with a LED lit window.
  • Capacitive numeric keyboard for product selection.
  • Anti vandalism coin introduction.
  • Ergonomic delivery bin

Contactless payments with card or key