•    Competitive and flexible finance options that work for you

  •    Wide range of machines for every type of business  

  •    No empty machines - quick and regular restock

  •    Best food and drink tailored for your business 

  •    Contactless payment vending machines

snacks hot & cold drinks vending machines manchester


  •    Competitive and flexible finance options that work for you

  •    Wide range of machines for every type of business  

  •    No empty machines - quick and regular restock

  •    Best food and drink tailored for your business 

  •    Contactless payment vending machines

Long Established Clients

 Popular Contactless Machines

Contactless Coffee Machine

Coffetek Neo

Delivering high street coffee 

Contactless snacks machine


Snack & drink combo

contactless cold drinks snacks vending machine

Crane BevMax 4

 Cold Drinks Vending 

Coffetek Neo

Delivering high 

street coffee


energy efficiency and performance 

Crane BevMax 4

Taking Cold Drinks Vending to the Max

Why Choose Venda Valet?

We Provide Vending Machines with a Card Reader 

We understand every workplace has very different requirements and here at Venda Valet we can help tailor that perfect package. From the style and type of machine you require, to the type of service you require, we can take the stress away. Whether it is a once a week service visit you require, or a 24 hour a day cover you require, we can create the perfect package for you.

And if card readers and contactless selection/payment are now even more important to you, we have that covered too.

Why Buy From Us

  • All our new equipment comes with a minimum 3 years warranty as standard.
  • Regular visits and servicing by our experienced and friendly team at a frequency to suit your requirements.
  • Leading Vending Supplier throughout Manchester & throughout the North West
  • Cleaning and filling services available.
  • One off engineer call out for your own machine.
  • Same day callout. 
  • Free on loan equipment for larger sites.
  • Refurbished Machines available.
  • Contactless payment systems.
  • Touchless selection machines.

Contactless Vending Machines Available to Buy, Rent or Lease In Manchester & Throughout The North West

More Information about our FREE on loan option: 

If you operate a larger business, with 60 + staff or a large public footfall, we can offer you a free on loan solution. Contactless card payment systems can also be included in these packages. We look after your vending facilities so you can look after your business and you don't have any drain on your cashflow .


At Venda Valet we understand that choosing a vending machine for your premises can seem a daunting prospect especially if this is the first time you've considered taking this route. You may need a vending solution for your business but may be unsure which machine is right for you, what long-term expenditures you may face, how much it will cost, or what you need to do to keep the machine running smoothly. We're here for you and can put your mind at ease with extensive industry experience and knowledge.


We carry a large selection of machines, both in size and type, which can suit any environment and provide a vast range of products. We offer a tailored mix of products, modern machines and cashless/contactless options to deliver an efficient service, convenient for both your visitors and staff, keeping them refreshed and energised throughout the day and night.


As a leading lease, buy or hire supplier, we have an experienced and friendly customer team ready to help find the perfect vending solution for you. Our dedication to unparalleled service will ensure that your company’s refreshment needs will be taken care of, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best. We ensure your vending system is one less thing to worry about. 

Getting started with our free vending option is very simple.  Just get in touch and we will discuss your machine options, and happily carry out a site visit to discuss the finer details.

The Benefits Of Contactless 


Contactless payments are completed within a matter of seconds which is more than twice as fast as using cash and waiting for change. Contactless vending machines also prevent the need for customers to enter their card pin meaning transactions are completed at a faster rate.

 This will naturally decrease the cue size for your favourite barista coffee and snacks which in return improves the speed of sale turnovers, and improves the customers experience. 

Contactless is a quicker & easier additional payment option which can only benefit the chances of your coffee machine & vending machine being used more in the future.


Contactless isn't just restricted to card payments. 

NFC technology within contactless readers allows phones, watches and even rings to purchase. This is convenient for anyone who has maybe forgotten their card & cash or simply can’t be bothered fetching either of them. 

Highly popular accessories like the Apple Watch allow for a much wider range of ways to purchase at vending machines and also allows consumers to show off a little.


The pandemic has forced people around the UK & worldwide to pay further attention to hand hygiene & the surfaces we touch.

These kinds of precautions have led to people being increasingly wary of using cash, which harbour several germs due to the sheer amount of hand to hand exchanges made with currency notes & coins. 

To tackle these problems some of our machines do not require people to touch our equipment thanks to our Distance Select technology, allowing customers to hover a finger over selections instead.

Get In Touch With Us

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0161 633 3793

Monday - Friday: 8:00 to 15:30

Saturday, Sunday, Closed

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